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RJR Transportation Services provides the service of transporting freight, both on an international and intra-state basis, on a timely basis with well trained drivers and well maintained vehicles.  Our focus in this industry has been in the specialty field of expediting.  We will pick-up and deliver freight in a fast, professional, ethical manner and supply the very best service the first time and every time, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  Our duty is to satisfy our customers.  RJR Transportation Services’ management has been in the business of supplying expedited delivery services for 25 years.  We take pride in our accomplishments and our growth rate amplifies this natural quality.  We not only specialize in expedite and “JIT”, we also provide excellent Long-Haul and LTL services with an exceptional track record.  This is not the doing of one person; RJR Transportation Services has a very finely tuned staff and qualified professional drivers.  All drivers carry international freight are FAST certified.

Our network of communications facilities, our bonded experienced drivers, our full license authority and our knowledge of customs procedures for a rapid clearance at all international borders, ensure that your shipment will reach its final destination quickly and with the utmost attention.  We clear all international shipments electronically.

Our attention to our customer’s needs has been reflected in our growth rate.  However, RJR Transportation Services has not stopped here in determining customer needs.  We have a full array of high tech resources including MacroPoint Tracking Systems, computerized dispatch, and computerized monitoring systems.

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